Behind the Mic



RACHEL YODER | Host & Founding Editor of draft: the journal of process

Rachel Yoder, host and creator of The Fail Safe, wanted to create a podcast where writers could talk frankly about the creative process and the struggles of writing day-in and day-out. Thus, The Fail Safe was born with the support of the Iowa Writers’ House and draft: the journal of process. Her essays and short stories have  appeared widely in print and online publications including The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Paris Review Daily, and The Sun Magazine. She holds graduate degrees from the University of Iowa and the University of Arizona, and is former director of the Iowa Youth Writing Project.






ANDREA WILSON | Producer & Founder of The Iowa Writers’ House

A visual artist, writer and storyteller, Andrea believes that creativity and expression define the beauty of the human experience.  In early 2014, she moved back to Iowa to passionately pursue writing, only to feel disconnected from the very literary community that brought her home. The Iowa Writers’ House started as an altruistic dream to create that what she wished existed: a springboard for all of those involved in using art and literature. Today she’s pretty convinced she lives in the best place on the planet.







MARK POLANZAK | Producer & Founding Editor of draft: the journal of process

POP!  (Stillhouse Press, 2016), a hybrid work that’s part memoir and part fiction, is Mark’s first book. Runner-up for the 2014 Italo Calvino Prize for fabulist fiction, his stories have appeared in Third Coast, The Southern Review, and The American Scholar, and other publications. He teaches English at the Berklee College of Music and received his MFA from the University of Arizona.