12 Best Outdoor Doormats That Will Wow Visitors

Think about it: Displaying one of the best outdoor doormats in front of your home’s threshold is a crucial opportunity to make a strong first impression. It’s also the first thing you see every time you step up to your front door and begin to dig for your keys at the bottom of your bag (and curse yourself for not investing in a smart lock already). But it’s not just about wooing your guests upon entry, doormats also have to hold up to all the elements and muddy boots.

The great news is that there are plenty of heavy-duty, high-quality doormats that are just as durable and functional as they are design-friendly. Many of these options feature natural fibers made from coir, which is mildew-resistant, absorbent, and sure to survive any kind of weather conditions and foot traffic you throw at it. In addition to natural coir fibers, many of the mats are made using eco-friendly coconut husks, which are stain-resistant and trap dirt to prevent any mess from entering your home.

What should you look for in the best outdoor doormats?

Although design is important, you also want to make sure that your doormat is low profile enough to fit under your door and also has a non-slip backing to keep your guests from busting it before they make it into your home. (Talk about a first impression!) Materials like PVC with rubber backing are key for the latter, while 100% coir doormats give your entryway a more natural look and are more ideal for trapping dirt and debris.

Can you keep a doormat out year-round?

The answer is a tentative yes. You’re always going to want to see what the manufacturer recommends and it, of course, depends on where you live. Doormats are always made for outdoor use, but various climates will wear down the materials differently. Frequent rain and snow might soften jute while constant sunshine will fade most textiles. An easy solution, if you aren’t sure what your mat can withstand, is to drag your doormat into the mudroom or somewhere with a bit of shelter whenever there’s big weather on its way.

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