14 Best Office Chairs: Ergonomic Picks Tested and Reviewed

Dimensions: 30.71″H x 27.56″W x 30.71″D

Materials: Alloy steel, leather

Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.

Frame colors: Black, grey, ivory, pink, tan

Seat colors: Black, grey, ivory, pink, tan

Warranty: One-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects from the date of delivery


  • adjustable height ✔
  • fully moveable footstool with brakes ✔

My experience:

If anything was designed to go viral on TikTok, it’s the Pipersong Meditation Chair, and from the moment this bisexual saw it she needed to try it for herself. Whether you’re a creative sitter or just someone who tends to fidget, having the option to change your position to pretty much anything that feels comfortable is a game changer. Truthfully, the only downside is its size—if you’re looking to bring this chair into your office, take accurate measurements. It’s not a small chair by any means, and if you have a compact desk or sitting area, you’ll likely find that the wide-swiveling footstool is a bit of a challenge. But assuming you’ve done your due diligence, the Pipersong Meditation Chair is an excellent comfort option for WFH, whether you’re bisexual or not. (Read Elise’s full review of the Pipersong chair here).

What we really liked:

  • Versatility: You can sit forward, backward, sideways, or whichever other way you want
  • High-density foam padding for maximum comfort
  • Incredibly sturdy and smooth casters
  • Easy to assemble

What you should keep in mind:

  • Size—might not be suitable for smaller spaces

Asari Chair by Herman Miller, Mid Back

Tester: Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Dimensions: 37⅞”H x 29⅞”W x 29⅞”D

Materials: Powder-coated aluminum, dual-density foam, stow leather upholstery

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.

Colors: Raven (black), jettison (blue), Etruscan (coral), clarion (yellow), submerge (teal), knight (dark gray), bulb (light gray), and antler (medium gray)

Warranty: 12 years


My experience: Designed by Tokyo-based designer Naoto Fukasawa (whose credentials include B&B Italia, Boffi, Issey Miyake, and Samsung), the Asari chair brings together comfort, functionality, and style. Glamorous but understated, this office chair exudes quiet luxury. Focusing on the design, the subtle curves and soft edges make the chair’s clam shell inspiration apparent. The backrest naturally tilts out slightly so it doesn’t feel like your back is against a board and the stow leather is a luxurious touch to an already luxurious seat.

There’s no assembly required, so as soon as you adjust the height lever to your preference it’s good to go. With a high price tag comes high expectations, but the Asari chair has elevated what a traditional office chair can be. I really appreciated the attention to detail, from the smooth chair glides and soft leather to the amount of foam fill in the seat and backrest that make it a treat to sit down and work. And after working from home on the chair for several weeks, it’s gotten even better. The chair has noticeably softened in a delightful way that’s ultra-accommodating to my dimensions without feeling too sunken in or too stiff. I find a lot of leather office chairs are harsh or overly masculine, but the Asari’s look is unparalleled. I’d absolutely recommend this chair to anyone looking to splurge for their home office. From physical appearance to practical use, it scores 10s across the board for me.

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