Anywhere Hosts Weeklong Special Impact Series Called Making Moves that Matter

Anywhere Real Estate hosted its Making Moves that Matter: A Week of Empowering impact event series this week. The event series is designed to explore the connection between inclusion and business results, with a focus on the impact every individual can make on the real estate industry and the world at large.

Anywhere stated that they recognize the vast potential of these underserved communities as growth markets, leveraging their long-term focus on inclusivity as a business advantage and welcoming more diverse entrepreneurs and agents into the industry to serve the changing homebuyer population.

“What we’re trying to do is jump from acronyms to action and really focus on this idea that inclusion is no longer a nice to have, it is a business imperative because as our customer continues to evolve and so should we. We have to be in the business of earning that business,” said Troy Singleton, Anywhere Integrated Services senior vice president and head of the Anywhere Diversity Council.

The impact

In 2019, Anywhere launched Day of Understanding, a day dedicated to building upon its inclusive culture with inspiring activities, rich content, and real conversations, the company stated. Then, in 2023, the initiative was expanded to an entire Week of Understanding and extended to Anywhere affiliated agents and franchisees as well.

Since launching these conversations, Anywhere executives stated that one thing has become apparent: inclusion plays an essential role in the company’s business strategy and is foundational to future success in real estate. Making Moves that Matter levels up this concept as we address a changing world, industry, and company.

“Inclusion is not just a nice thing to do; it’s critical to our success. Why? We’re the company that empowers everyone’s next move – and that means everyone. Our customers are diversifying faster than ever, and the future of our industry depends on our ability to service their needs,” said Tanya Reu-Narvaez, Anywhere chief people officer.

This year, sessions focused on real, tangible, and meaningful progress that is changing the trajectory of the real estate industry. Attendees explored the connection between inclusion and results in every part of the business—people, strategy, and culture—through real case studies, inspiring conversations, and more.

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