Biden campaign outlines debate prep plan: 'Zero in' on Trump's 'unhinged rhetoric'

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President Biden’s reelection campaign on Friday outlined its plan ahead of the June debate against former President Trump, saying it will focus on his rival’s rhetoric.

In a memo from campaign chair Jen O’Malley Dillon entitled “The Road to Atlanta,” she highlighted recent comments from Trump, including that he would be a dictator on day one and that if he doesn’t get elected it will be a “bloodbath.”

“This is the Trump agenda in 2024. And on June 27, it will be on full display in prime-time for the American people to see in 4K. Joe Biden will hold Donald Trump accountable for all of it on the debate stage — and he’s raring to go,” O’Malley Dillon said.

Trump first made the bloodbath remark in a March speech in Ohio, in the context of auto imports, arguing Biden’s reelection would hurt that sector. He later used it again to describe the border situation. He made the “day one” remark in December, saying he won’t be a dictator except for on his first day of a new administration.

The campaign plans to organize around two major anniversaries in June, including the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision of 2022 and the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016.

O’Malley Dillon also bashed Trump for having a “bare-bones campaign” and questioned if he would actually show up for the debate in Atlanta, which will be hosted by CNN on June 27.

The two campaigns agreed to two debates last week after the Biden campaign dropped a video daring Trump to meet him for debates in June and September. The second debate will be on Sept. 10 and hosted by ABC.

O’Malley Dillon outlined that Biden wants to talk to Trump about three main topics during the debate: His hand in the Supreme Court repealing Roe v. Wade, his “attacks” on U.S. democracy, and his economic agenda.

“In the month leading up to that first debate, the Biden-Harris campaign will zero in on Trump’s dangerous campaign promises and unhinged rhetoric,” she said. “We will make sure that the voters who will decide this election are reminded of the chaos and harm Trump caused as president — and why they booted him out four years ago.”

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