Biden campaign raises $127M in June, touts best fundraising month so far

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President Biden’s reelection campaign said it raised $127 million in June, making it its best fundraising month of the campaign, and raised $264 million overall in the second quarter of 2024.

The campaign goes into July with $240 million in cash on hand, it said. The second quarter total was a $75 million increase on it’s reported first quarter haul.

The campaign raised $38 million in the days following the first presidential debate, despite Biden’s performance in the debate leading to criticism and calls for him to step out of the 2024 race.

The campaign announced that nearly two-thirds of the June haul came from grassroots donors, including $30 million of the $38 million post-debate haul. It said last Thursday was the best grassroots fundraising day of the campaign, and last Friday the second best.

Additionally, the campaign touted that 864,000 donors were added to its list of grassroots donors in the second quarter. Ninety-five percent of donations were under $200 in the second quarter.

“Our Q2 fundraising haul is a testament to the committed and growing base of supporters standing firmly behind the President and Vice President and clear evidence that our voters understand the choice in this election between President Biden fighting for the American people and Donald Trump fighting for himself as a convicted felon,” campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said in a statement.

Biden entered June with $212 million in cash on hand after raising $85 million in May.

Trump has not released details about his cash on hand, but said it significantly outraised Biden in May with a staggering $141 million. Trump’s campaign reported raising $8 million on the day of the debate.

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