Biden speaks to Netanyahu about ceasefire talks

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President Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Thursday morning about progress on a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas.

“Earlier I spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss ongoing efforts to finalize a deal that would result in a ceasefire together with the release of hostages – a deal that I have outlined and is endorsed by the UN Security Council, the G7, and countries around the world,” Biden wrote on X.

Biden announced at the end of May a three-part proposal to end the fighting and return Israeli hostages held by Hamas.

Hamas abducted around 250 hostages and killed about 1,200 people when the group attacked Israel on Oct. 7.

More than 35,000 Palestinians, including women and children, have died in the aftermath as Israel hammers the territory in an effort to wipe out Hamas and rescue the hostages, prompting international outrage and sparking protests across U.S. campuses.

The Biden administration has stood by its ally, sending billions of dollars in military assistance to Israel. Some Democrats have pushed Biden to take a harder line with Netanyahu over its conduct in the war, but members overwhelmingly support the country in the war.

The United Nations Security Council approved a U.S.-sponsored resolution last month that called for an immediate, temporary ceasefire. The text of the resolution noted Israel had “accepted” the framework laid out by Biden in May and called on Hamas to accept the deal as well.

The call comes less than three weeks before Netanyahu is slated to address Congress on July 24.

“Through thick and thin, for the past nine months, Israel has deeply appreciated vital American support,” Netanyahu wrote on X.

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