Biden, Trump effectively even in these battleground states: Poll

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President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are again neck and neck in tight races across several battleground states, with voters expressing lingering economic concerns weighing heavily on Biden.

A new CBS News poll conducted in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin found that Biden and Trump are virtually tied in voters’ preferences for president within these states.

In Michigan, Biden leads by a slim margin with 51% to Trump’s 49%. In Pennsylvania, Biden secured 49% of the vote, while Trump holds a slight lead with 50%. Similarly, in Wisconsin, Biden holds 49% of the vote, while Trump has a slight edge at 50%

With inflation weighing heavily on their minds, the majority of voters in these states do not believe that the economy has improved since the pandemic. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, 50% of respondents said their state’s economy has worsened since 2020, and a slightly lower figure of 48% expressed the same view in Wisconsin.

Additionally, most voters in Michigan (62%), Pennsylvania (61%), and Wisconsin (62%) recall the economy as “good” when Trump was President. Fifty-five percent of voters in Pennsylvania said Biden makes them feel worried, while 44% said Trump makes them angry.

The surveys were conducted between April 19-25, 2024. These findings are drawn from surveys of 1,287 registered voters in Michigan, 1,306 in Pennsylvania, and 1,245 in Wisconsin. The margins of error for registered voters are approximately +/- 3.1 points for Michigan and Pennsylvania and +/- 3.2 points for Wisconsin.

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