Biotech company develops ‘first-of-its-kind’ retinol derivative for cosmetic & PBC product formulation

Biotech company develops first of its kind retinol derivative

Yesterday, Massachusetts-based biotechnology company Conagen announced it has developed what the company describes as the “first-of-its-kind, natural-sourced class of sustainable retinol derivative ingredients through precision fermentation​” for cosmetic and personal beauty care product formulations, as detailed its press release​.

Conagen, which was founded in 2010 by biochemist Dr. Oliver Yu, specializes in the innovation and development of “synthetic biology solutions for supporting global partners across a spectrum of current and developing markets​” including the cosmetics and personal beauty care product industries, as detailed on the company’s website.

About the innovation

The newly developed retinoid derivative ingredient is produced by through a precision fermentation process that covalently binds retinoids with a second active ingredient, which results in a single molecule, the press release explained. This production process utilizes a 100% renewable carbon source and the manufacturing process “technology offers consumers functionalities that extend beyond wrinkle reduction and anti-aging benefits​.”

Further, Conagen’s retinoid variants are innovative in their adaptability – depending on the secondary ingredient, “these compounds introduce flexibility, enabling cosmetic formulators to incorporate a secondary function, which presents opportunities for inventive features that uniquely enhance cosmetic formulations​,” added the release. These retinoid variants are compatible with other compounds including “squalene, bakuchiol, and pomegranate extract, maximizing delivery and effectiveness while minimizing potential off-target effects​.”

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