CDU Exclusive: L'Oréal SVP’s deep dive into company’s sustainability programs

CDU Exclusive L Oreal SVP s deep dive into company s sustainability programs

Speaking during the recent NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, Qian Zheng, MD/PhD – SVP Head of Advanced Research North America & Global Regenerative Beauty Discovery Domain at L’Oréal Research & Innovation, explained how the company is leading a Green Sciences strategy with a goal to significantly improve the environmental profiles of its products by the end of the decade.

These lofty goals will be achieved via four key strategic pillars: Sustainable Cultivation, Green Extraction, Green Chemistry, and Biotechnology & Fermentation.

In an exclusive interview with CosmeticsDesign, Dr. Zheng explained that the company’s global sustainability program is “the umbrella vision for our company’s sustainability goal, and under that sustainability goal, we want to reduce our environmental impacts in all different aspects: from fighting climate change to water usage reduction, to preserving biodiversity, and to protect our natural resources.”

Under this umbrella, “our company has set very clear targets for our 2030 sustainability goal”, she said, including “95% of ingredients being from renewable sources, and 100% of the product will be eco-designed.”

Currently, L’Oréal is already making great strides towards achieving its goals: “even now, we’re doing really well, we’re at 65% for the raw material as renewable, and also over 80% that are biodegradable,” said Dr. Zheng. However, “we know there are big gaps that we do need to address with science, with innovation, [and] with transformation”, she added.

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