Crafting Your Real Estate Growth Blueprint

David Hartigan
The Jason Mitchell Group
Boca Raton, Florida

Region served: Central Orlando
Years in real estate: 3
Number of offices: 1
Number of agents: 15
Favorite part of your job: I love working with buyers and sellers and making their dreams come true.

What factors have played a key role in your growth and success with The Jason Mitchell Group in the past year? 

I started my journey with Coldwell Banker, but quickly realized they weren’t a good fit, so I transitioned to Keller Williams because they had a lot of what I was looking for to grow our team. There was room at the market center for us to have a physical office, which became the central location to bounce ideas around, provide training and develop a strong team with good core values. While there, I set up several pay-at-close lead sources for our team and also managed them for the market center, but the lead sources weren’t able to provide enough serious buyers to keep us going. Soon after I was introduced to The Jason Mitchell Group (JMG) and all of the lead source relationships Jason—our founder and CEO—has worked hard to develop for his agents. The JMG lead source programs provide quality introductions to serious buyers and/or sellers on a consistent basis, which is something only JMG is offering at this time. This past year has been a whirlwind since joining JMG, and we look forward to a strong finish for year two.

What strategies and best practices do you employ to make the home-buying experience easier for your clients?

We try to set the stage from the very beginning, starting with a strong buyer consultation where we find out as much as possible about the client and what they’re looking for. We then set the customer up in our CRM database and add any notes from the consultation so we can recall personal details when we speak with the client again. Additionally, we set up their search and allow buyers to view available listings, save ones they like and communicate with us directly. They can even request showings through our CRM. When showing homes, we’re asking questions to see what they like and don’t like about the properties. This allows us to help them find their perfect home if we don’t see it on the first day. Once we find the home they want, we go over the entire process with them from beginning to end so they know what to expect. Not only do we have in-house transaction coordinators who assist buyers and sellers through the process from contract to close, but our agents also attend home inspections alongside their clients for support. And we’re at every closing to congratulate the new homeowners. Our CRM captures the home anniversary so that we can send a card each year so they know that we remembered, which keeps us front of mind. 

Looking back on your first few years in the industry, what would you point to as the best piece of advice you’ve received? 

We need to constantly remember that it’s all about the connection. It’s most important to connect with the client and listen.

As we make our way through 2024, what are you focusing on?

Collectively, our team transacted 140 units in 2023, and we have the goal of reaching 270 deals this year. My main goal is to grow the team to 20-plus agents this year and work with each and every agent in order for them to achieve their goals. 

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