Despite pledges, companies lobby against climate action

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Many major U.S. corporations are lobbying against policies that would mitigate climate change despite having promised to cut their own emissions, according to a new report. 

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A report from the group InfluenceMap found 58 percent of companies set concrete climate targets that were contradicted by their own lobbying.


It particularly highlighted efforts to weaken proposed government policies or to promote planet-warming fossil fuels. 


It said that the fossil fuel, airline and utilities industries were the worst offenders. 


In response, the lead author of a 2022 U.N. anti-greenwashing report criticized the corporate policies. 


Not only are many companies choosing to undermine their own climate commitments by lobbying against climate action, their net zero commitments are simply not credible,” Catherine McKenna, former Canadian environmental minister and head of the U.N. task force on the corporate push for net-zero, said Thursday. 


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