Extreme pride in being an American stays near record low: Gallup

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Extreme pride in being an American has stayed near a record low, according to a new Gallup survey.

The Gallup survey released shortly before the Fourth of July holiday found 41 percent of Americans polled said they are “extremely proud” of their American identity. That’s up from 39 percent last year and 38 percent in 2022, which was the lowest point since Gallup debuted the question in 2001.

Around a decade ago, in 2004, 69 percent of Americans said they were “extremely proud” of their American identity. Gallup noted that “Americans’ national pride was highest after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, when patriotism surged in the U.S.”

Despite the lower number of respondents saying they are “extremely proud” of their American identity in the recent Gallup survey, only 10 percent said when it comes to being “an American,” they were “only a little proud” and 5 percent said “not at all proud.” Likewise, 18 percent said they are “moderately proud” and 26 percent said they are “very proud.”

“While the percentage of U.S. adults who say they are extremely proud to be American is near the lowest point on record, about two-thirds continue to be at least very proud,” Gallup said.

The survey was conducted June 3-23 featuring a sample of 1,005 adults and has a margin of sampling error at the 95 percent confidence level of 4 percentage points. 

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