Green global startup CleanHub releases Clean Beauty Survey data

Green global startup CleanHub releases Clean Beauty Survey data

Global tech startup CleanHub has released the results of a survey conducted to assess consumer sentiment towards clean beauty trends in cosmetics and personal care. The company, who partners with a variety of businesses, including beauty brands Sunday Riley, Noughty, Blume, and Derma E., utilizes AI technology to keep “plastic out of the sea by implementing waste recovery where there is none…to track and trace collection, and is verified according to ISO standards, meaning brands can be confident in their impact.” said Nikki Stones, Vice President of Marketing at CleanHub.

We spoke to Stones for her insights to learn more about the survey, including key takeaways from the data results, recommendations for how beauty brands can leverage the survey findings to better meet consumer demand for clean beauty products, and predictions for the clean beauty trend in 2024.

Survey methodology & key takeaways

To conduct the Clean Beauty Survey, CleanHub’s “research targeted people who consider themselves the primary decision-makers when purchasing personal and healthcare products,” shared Stones. The data was “was captured through an online survey that included fifteen questions about clean beauty trends,” she explained, and “a total of 523 people between the ages of 18 and 65 responded to the survey.”

Regarding takeaways from the survey’s findings, the data’s key determination was “that consumers want change from brands,” Stones said. “The data shows that buyers are looking for brands that are limiting their impact on the planet,” she added, and “some are even willing to pay more for this.”

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