Haley says she's strengthening GOP by staying in presidential race

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Nikki Haley isn’t discouraged by her lackluster showing in GOP races against former President Trump. In fact, she says her continued quest for the presidential nomination is helping strengthen the Republican Party.

“Telling the truth in a primary is very important, so that’s what I’m doing,” she said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal this week.

Haley, who served as the first United Nations ambassador in Trump’s administration starting in 2017, said she’s not worried about alienating Trump supporters as she continues to question Trump’s age and ability to hold a second term.

“I’m strengthening the party because I bring more people into the Republican Party, instead of pushing people away like Trump,” Haley, 52, told the Journal.

Trump, 77, has said he thinks Haley’s campaign is misguided and hurting the GOP. Some Republicans who side with Trump have urged her to get out of the race.

“It’s bad for the party. I think it’s actually bad for her, too,” Trump told reporters in Florida on Thursday.

The Hill / Decision Desk HQ tracking of polls across the country shows Trump with a strong advantage in the primary race.

Trump is up 32 percent in the tracking site’s analysis of 37 polls in the upcoming Feb. 24 primary in Haley’s home state of South Carolina. Trump also has a strong lead in next-up Michigan.

Haley is the last remaining major challenger to Trump on the GOP ballot, after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and others bowed out of the race.

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