Hormel Launches Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop For National Pepperoni Day

When you think about pizza, there’s a huge chance the first mental image in your head is a slice (or perhaps a whole pie) of a gorgeous pepperoni covered pizza. That’s because it’s the most consumed pizza topping in the country — possibly even the world.

Did you know that even though pizza originated in Italy — Naples to be exact — the pepperoni was actually created in America? In the early 1900s in New York City, Italian-Americans invented the pepperoni. Fast forward to today and Hormel is America’s No. 1 pepperoni brand. In honor of National Pepperoni Day on September 20th they are amping up the celebration with limited edition merch.

For the first time ever, Hormel Pepperoni is launching a one-of-a-kind online pop-up shop full of custom items that are designed to help pepperoni pizza fans celebrate this spicy and flavorful national holiday like never before.

Television host and pizza enthusiast, Adam Richman, known as the original Man v. Food, host of The Food That Built America and more, has partnered with the iconic pepperoni brand to promote this exciting pop up.

A major pepperoni lover, Richman was ready and willing to take on the task. “There’s a textural element that pepperoni adds to a pizza that makes it such a perfect topping. As a New Yorker and as an American, it’s fun to celebrate and champion this flavor bomb that’s totally ours,” shares Richman. “And now it’s getting its day and an entire pop up shop. It’s really easy for me to get on board with that.”

No matter where he is in the world, Richman says he notices pizza everywhere he goes, adding that he loves how Americans took this Italian dish and really made it our own with the creation of the pepperoni. “Pizza is like a blank canvas and your imagination is only bound by the crust,” says Richman. “But pepperoni provides that flavor contrast and that color and texture contrast and that much needed spice.”

Pepperoni pizza fans everywhere can visit www.PepperoniShop.com from September 13 through September 20 for a chance to purchase new, limited-edition pepperoni pizza inspired products.

Each day at 1pm EST, Hormel Pepperoni will introduce a new category theme such as wearables, home decor, outdoors, office, and custom artwork and will drop a limited amount of products for purchase.

Richman compares this pop-up to those loved by sneakerheads who wait excitedly for new limited edition merch drops. “They have these socks that say ‘I only stand for pepperoni’ and this set of rims that look like pepperoni pizza, there’s bedding that looks like you’re sleeping inside a slice of pizza, and there’s cool pop art, and a ton of just fun kitschy stuff I think people are really going to dig,” says Richman.

The Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop will have everything that the ultimate pepperoni pizza fan would need and might not have even thought about like: a crossbody bag to carry a slice of pepperoni pizza, a custom set of pepperoni pizza-themed rims to drive in style, a pizza-shaped lamp that displays slices of pepperoni, a “break in case of emergency” display case with a package of Hormel Pepperoni, a cornhole set, clothing, jewelry, original art, and much much more!

“You can go more than once and everything is priced for everyone. It’s super accessible and since Pepperoni Pizza Day is 9/20 the prices are $9.20 or $19.20 making it affordable,” says Richman. “And who doesn’t want something cool like this?”

For those who can’t pick or are looking to be surprised — there are mystery boxes that fans can opt for to leave their pepperoni merch decisions completely out of their hands.

As someone who spends a ton of time in the kitchen, Richman says he’s a true fan of Hormel Pepperoni and often uses the turkey pepperoni at home. “I do a lot of stuff with the turkey pepperoni, because you get that spicy umami flavor and I can shred that into omelettes and salads and things like that,” says Richman. “But if I’m making pizza, I go for the old school slice pepperoni. Of course, once you open the bag, it’s fair game — some make its way on the pizza, and a lot end up being eaten directly out of the bag.”

Anyone else really craving some pizza now and excited at the thought of earrings the shape of pizza slices?

“We celebrate so many holidays that can be so polarizing and this is just the opposite and it’s cool to just celebrate pepperoni pizza and it doesn’t have to be anything more than that,” says Richman. “It’s stuff for a fun food on a fun day — that not everyone can get and it becomes a talking piece.”

The first drop happens today at 1pm EST, so set your alarms and get that swag.

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