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House Democrat group claims it will retake the majority in 2024. It reveals GOP seats that it wants to flip

Democrats have already begun to plan for 2024 after losing the majority of the House of Representatives. They are aiming at several Republican-won areas they will try to flip next cycle.

Tuesday’s House Majority PAC (HMP), released a report titled “After Defying The Odds, House Democrats will Retake the Majority in 2024”, which highlighted the 2022 election cycle, just two weeks after Democrats lost their majority at the midterms.

“House Majority PAC is ready to take back Congress in 2024. Republicans should begin planning to give back the gavel,” HMP wrote in a memo laying down 2024 plans. This was first reported by Axios.

The report also provided a review of Democrats’ performance and named 19 red districts that they will be focusing on in the next cycle. However, HMP stated that the list was preliminary.

Virginia’s 2nd District is one of the most wanted districts by Democrats. It’s where Congresswoman-elect Jen Kiggins has recently defeated Elaine Luria, a Democrat.

A second target for Democrats is the 17th Congressional District in blue New York, where Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney lost to Mike Lawler during the November midterm elections.

This cycle, the Democratic Party spent hundreds and millions of dollars on campaigning for abortion. They invested more money into this subject than any other issue. According to the HMP, Democrats won “in the battle for messaging.”

HMP stated that inflation hit a 40-year high at 9.1% in the summer before the election. The party’s support increased significantly once Democrats switched their economic position, speaking on offense.

HMP tested political messages in August and determined that the winning framing was to communicate that “a Democrat cares for the economy while the Republican wants abortion to be banned.”

The release also attacked the Congressional Leadership Fund’s spending in this cycle. It claimed it spent approximately $150 million on losing races.

This month has seen major changes in the House Democrats, with their majority being lost and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announcing her resignation from the House leadership.

The Republicans hold 220 House seats now, more than the 218 required to secure a majority. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has 212 seats. Three House races remain open for voting more than two weeks after Election Day.

The following are the GOP-held seats on Democrats’ 2024 radar: AZ-01 to AZ-06; CA-27, CA-40, and CA-41; CA-45; IA-03 to MI-10; NE-02 to NJ-07 about NY-01, NY-04, NY-17. NY-19. NY-22, OR05, PA-01 about VA-02.

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