How Twitch Streamers Could Shape the 2024 Elections

Leah Feiger: Yes, the royals are globalist, conspiracy is well trodden, but always good.

Makena Kelly: Yeah. Haunted portrait.

Leah Feiger: Haunted portrait, okay, that’s actually a really good one. I didn’t even think about that one as related to conspiracies.

Hasan Piker: Yeah, it wasn’t bad at all.

Leah Feiger: I like that one.

Hasan Piker: Okay. I didn’t realize it was supposed to be a current one. I mean, I got immediately, I’m in New York. The two things I thought about, especially being in one Onw World Trade Center was what happened on Tower seven? How did Tower seven fall? A question that is on my mind at all times. I’m not like a jet fuel, can’t melt steel beams kind of guy, but it’s kind of odd that Tower seven fell. Who knows?

Leah Feiger: You’re edging into 9/11 truther territory.

Hasan Piker: That is the one, I’m not like, we did it deliberately and then so that we could do global war or whatever. I don’t go to that length.

Leah Feiger: Yikes.

Hasan Piker: But or that it was like a fake or staged or that we did it. We blew up the towers. For our listeners. Hasan does not believe that. Yeah, I don’t believe that, but Tower seven, kind of weird.

Makena Kelly: Allegedly. Very

Leah Feiger: Really Allegedly. Really, really harcore, allegedly.

Hasan Piker: Tower seven, I don’t know what happened. I will go out and investigate later.

Makena Kelly: Oh, good, now report your Findings back.

Hasan Piker: When I leave.

Leah Feiger: I feel like we’ve gotten a little glimpse into the conspiracy corner of your mind here. I’m really sorry. I’m going to have to give the win this week to McKenna.

Makena Kelly: Wow.

Hasan Piker: At least this was a relevant one. It’s a new one. Mine is an old one. An old but gold.

Leah Feiger: Hasan, thank you so much for joining us today.

Hasan Piker: Thank you for having me.

Makena Kelly: Yeah, this was great. This was great.

Hasan Piker: Thank you for having me. Yeah, this was great.

Makena Kelly: Where can all of our listeners find you besides Twitch?

Hasan Piker: Yeah. I’m live on Twitch every day at from 11:00 A.M. Pacific time, all the way to like eight P.M. seven days a week, and beyond that, I’m Hasan D. Piker on TikTok and on Instagram and Hasan the Hun on Twitter.

Leah Feiger: Wonderful. Thank you so much for joining us, Hasan.

Hasan Piker: Thank you for having me.

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