In-Cos trendspotting: a chat with Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

During the In-Cosmetics Global show, CosmeticsDesign stopped by the Lucas Meyer Cosmetics booth to learn more about the company’s most recent ingredient formulation launch, Corneopeptyl. The innovation is a new patented biomimetic peptide obtained by a green chemistry-based process, according to Senior Product Line Manager Anne Zibi Elbaz, and we spoke to her at length to learn more about how Corneopeptyl fits into current industry trends like efficacy. 

As detailed in our interview, the R&D process behind the Corneopeptyl launch included the use of AI in ingredient formulation and testing. The use of AI “combined with a patented algorithm showed real-life results from volunteers with once-per-day application for 28 days: the skin looks two years younger and in some instances, up to four years,” confirmed the Lucas Meyer Cosmetics website. 

The ingredient is “biomimetic to the recently discovered LCE6A protein,” the company website detailed further, which is “known to have an essential role in the mechanical resistance of corneocytes in the stratum corneum.”​ Corneopeptyl therefire “acts on the skin’s surface to strengthen its natural barrier protection,” and “skin is thus empowered to tackle pre-aging and anti-aging skins for both the younger and older generations.”

As an active ingredient, Corneopeptyl’s efficacy is supported by “nine clinical studies and tested on an inclusive panel with sensitive skin,” and the results showed it “rebuilds the skin barrier in only seven days by reducing skin penetration, water loss and inflammation, prevents and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in only 14 days, and improves skin tonicity, smoothness and hydration in 28 days,” the company’s website explained.

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