Letters to Sports: Shohei Ohtani and Arte Moreno fire up Angels fans

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Major kudos to Dylan Hernández’s brutal honesty about the state of the Angels. There is no doubt they have an albatross named Anthony Rendon and an annually injured Mike Trout eating up the bulk of their payroll. But he neglected to write that their greatest detriment is Arte Moreno, an owner more concerned with converting the Angels parking lot into a money maker than focusing on making the Angels competitive again.

Chuck Lucero
Thousand Oaks


Dylan Hernández’s remark: “raise legitimate questions about whether re-signing Shohei Ohtani is smart from a baseball perspective” should permanently bar him from ever writing another column about baseball.

There is no question that signing the best player in the last hundred years is a “smart” baseball decision. The answer, one thousand times out of a hundred, is “yes.”

For you to even hint otherwise disqualifies any other baseball opinion you have.

Ray McKown


The Angels hire a new manager in Ron Washington, a wise and experienced baseball man. Even though Washington has not been a manager for the last nine years, it will not matter. The Angels have not made the playoffs during that time.

Washington said their goal is “to run the American League West down and you can take that to the bank.” How do the odds of the Angels achieving Washington’s goal compare with the Angels retaining two-time AL MVP Shohei Ohtani? Both remain long shots.

Wayne Muramatsu


I’m shocked Arte Moreno didn’t attempt to trade for James Harden.

Barry Smith
Thousand Oaks

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