Manchin hits Biden in vow to mobilize the 'radical middle'

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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) attacked President Biden in a vow to mobilize the “radical middle.”

“Joe Biden has been pulled so far to the left, the extreme left, as far as liberal,” Manchin told radio host John Catsimatidis Sunday on “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM. “Makes no sense at all, it’s not the person we thought was gonna bring the country together.”

Manchin also decried current political polarization, saying it’s dividing Washington.

“Washington wants you and I to be divided, and the rest of America to be divided because it’s a better business model for ’em,” he said. “So, I came to the conclusion I can’t change– I’ve been here 13 years. I’m not going to change it from within. And I’ve decide[d] to go around and see if I can mobilize the radical middle.”

Last week, Manchin said he wouldn’t seek reelection to the Senate, and noted he “absolutely” would think about a run for the presidency in an interview that aired Wednesday.

“I will do anything I can to help my country, and you’re saying, ‘Does that mean you would consider it?’ Absolutely. Every American should consider it if they’re in a position to help save the country,” Manchin told NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker. 

Manchin has also said he’s considering leaving the Democratic party. 

“The business of politics has gotten so big because the business model is a Democrat business and a Republican business, and it’s really forgotten about the people to a certain extent,” Manchin said in a CNN interview Wednesday. 

“All they want is 51 or greater to be the majority, and then they do so much damage trying to get there,” he continued.

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