New RE/MAX President Addresses Company Convention

On Tuesday April 2, 2024, recently promoted RE/MAX President, Amy Lessinger, made her first appearance as president at the company’s Annual R4 Convention. At the convention’s opening general session, she addressed the crowd of attendees. 

“We have to be loud about who we are,” Lessinger said. “You all have a huge competitive advantage with the No. 1 name in real estate. When you want more market share for yourself, using the power of the brand is about staying visible and connecting with potential clients consistently.”

“You are RE/MAX – and nobody does it better,” she continued. “You continue to lead the industry because you are the best in the business. RE/MAX has been an industry leader for decades. But we can’t be complacent. It’s in our RE/MAX DNA to grow and get even better all the time. And you know what? We know the industry is changing – and we have to change as well… RE/MAX agents have always been adaptable.”

Lessinger continued that RE/MAX agents should not be determined by commissions lawsuits, and settlements, that look to upend compensation structures. (RE/MAX settled such a suit before the Sitzer/Burnett decision in October 2023.

“There are two big takeaways to keep in mind. Under the NAR settlement agreement, offers of compensation are permitted, but they can’t take place in the MLS. And buyers working with an MLS participant must sign a written buyer representation agreement with their agent,” she said.

RE/MAX Headquarters, she added, will actively support agents as they navigate the new terrain; Re/MAX University is offering a new Buyer Agency Professional (BAP) designation course to address agents concerned about explaining real estate fees and how agents get paid. RE/MAX affiliates will enjoy special discount pricing when they register for the BAP course through RE/MAX University, the company adds.

“These changes are not going to stop you. If anything, I think they give you a massive opportunity to differentiate yourself, articulate your value in a new meaningful way, and keep winning business,” she said.

As another sign of optimism, Lessinger recounted on the RE/MAX network’s encouraging engagement with MAX/Tech powered by kvCORE, the technology platform launched last year across the U.S. and Canada:

“You’ve uploaded more than 30 million contacts, sent 135 million emails, and created 84 million social impressions. Overall, you’ve used the platform for more than 740 million consumer engagements. It’s is designed to help you work smarter, not harder.”

“When I look out at all of you and see our next generation moving ahead with us, there’s one thing I know for sure: This is my life’s work,” she concluded. “I love this company and this network. My commitment to all of you is to ensure that we’ll keep our eyes focused on the future. We’ll continue to provide you with the support, the tools and the education you need to thrive in any market.”

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