NYSCC Suppliers’ Day: INDIE360° track key takeaways

NYSCC Suppliers Day INDIE360 track key takeaways

NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2024 programming included a well-attended panel discussion track entitled “INDIE360°,” an exclusive panel series sponsored and curated by the Independent Beauty Association (IBA) designed to “provide indie beauty brands with invaluable insights, industry trends, and networking opportunities,” according to an IBA press release. The event’s panel series included several crucial topics for indie brands looking for the most current information on MoCRA, Supply Chain and AI, the Future of Branding, and more.

For deeper insights across the panel sessions, we interviewed several of the events participants for their key takeaways.

Panel: Branding to the future consumer

This session examined current cosmetics industry trends that are on the rise and others that are falling out of favor. We spoke to moderator Eber Bodmer, Vice President, Marketing & Communications at IBA and panelist Karen Young, CEO at The Young Group to learn more. They were joined on the panel by Anner Keller, Principal Analyst at Mintel.  

CDU: What were the key insights shared during the panel session on “Branding to the Future Consumer”?

Eber Bodmer (EB)​: I joined Karen Young, The Young Group and Anna Keller of Mintel to talk about how indie brands should approach branding to the next generation: Gen Alpha.

The main point made on the panel is that though the concept of marketing to a younger consumer is not novel (it’s been going on for hundreds of years… think toys in cereal boxes) what has changed is the access of information with Gen Alpha being on their devices all the time. According to Mintel’s Gen Alpha Report (2024), 54% of US 12–14-year-old beauty users who are on social media keep up with beauty trends and often purchases these items.  

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