Overcoming regulatory barriers in sun care: Key takeaways from dsm-firmenich's 3rd Annual Safer UNDER THE Sun Day

Overcoming regulatory barriers in sun care Key takeaways from dsm firmenich s 3rd Annual Safer UNDER THE Sun Day

Innovation in sun care products is vital for enhancing skin cancer prevention and meeting evolving consumer needs. However, regulatory barriers and the slow approval process for new UV filters in the U.S. hinder progress. To discuss these challenges and potential solutions, we spoke with Carl D’Ruiz, Senior Manager of Science and Advocacy at Beauty & Care N.A., dsm-firmenich, following the organization’s 3rd Annual Safer UNDER THE Sun Day.

In this Q&A, D’Ruiz shared key insights from the event, recommendations for regulatory reform, and the crucial role of industry-government collaboration in driving sun care innovation.

CDU: What were the primary goals for the 3rd Annual Safer UNDER THE Sun Day, and how did they build on the previous year’s event?

CDR​: dsm-firmenich’s 2022 Safer UNDER THE Sun Day (SUTS) commemorated its sponsorship of Destination Healthy Skin, The Skin Cancer Foundation’s mobile skin cancer education and screening program. During this event we raised the need for improved skin cancer awareness and received Congressional support in requesting OSHA to revisit the treatment of sunscreen as critical personal protective equipment for all outdoor workers.

This was followed by our 2023 SUTS event in which we asked Congress to provide the FDA with public resources so that they can develop and use new alternative testing methodologies to accelerate the introduction of novel UV Filter innovation to the marketplace – without sacrificing safety or efficacy.

The primary goals of this year’s SUTS event was to discuss the barriers to innovation that currently hinder the availability of new OTC sunscreen drugs for American consumers and the potential impact on skin cancer prevention and public health.

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