Plastics chemical leaked in Ohio spills often: report

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The report, published Tuesday by environmental advocacy groups Earthjustice and Beyond Plastics, found 966 accidents involving the chemical since 2010


Since 1968, trains carrying the chemical have derailed 29 times. Other incidents occurred at other locations including factories. 


Environmental advocates, in light of the report, called for a ban on vinyl chloride. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently began to review the chemical, in what could be the first step toward further restrictions on it.  


“We’ve waited long enough for federal action protecting our families, homes, and communities from vinyl chloride; it’s time for the EPA administrator Michael Regan to start the process of banning this highly toxic chemical,” said  Judith Enck, president of Beyond Plastics, in a written statement. 


Short-term exposure to vinyl chloride can cause dizziness, or, at very high levels can cause a person to pass out. At extremely high levels it can cause lung or kidney irritation


Long-term exposure can result in problems with the liver, immune system and nerves. At extremely high levels, it has been linked to liver cancer.



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