Scientology volunteers join the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment to clean Up Joburg

The Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Rural Development & Environment along with volunteers to clean Joburg Central Business District. Joburg Central Business District

JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, 16 March 2023 /LinkDaddy News/–Between the 10th and the 14th of the month, the Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment The Joburg Central Business District has been cleaned up. Joburg Central Business District to stop illegal dumping as well as reverse the deterioration of the urban structure. The campaign to create clean Joburg was a huge success and has drawn the attention of various organizations that range from ward counselors to Joburg Joburg Joburg Joburg City Parks and Zoo, Clean City SA, Green Development Foundation, Scientology Volunteer Ministers, World Urban Parks, and Bree Taxi Rank management team.

We’re planning to establish millions of new trees throughout the city and I’m convinced that we can all work together to attain that goal of having an eco-friendly city.”
-Director of the Department of Agriculture

With determination and the desire to create a cleaner and green Joburg more than 2000 participants took on the challenge and began to work.


After arriving in the inner regions within Joburg on the very first day, they were greeted by heaps of trash and debris that had been gathering for decades to the danger to health. They moved blocks without leaving any trash to create an improved Johannesburg.

“The area was strewn with every type of garbage from years of trash as well as neglect ” declared Sandile Hlayisi Chairman of the Scientology Volunteer Minister. Despite the immense job ahead, it appears that it was the Department of Agriculture who managed to get us all together to improve Jozi, our home. Jozi. It’s truly a stunning place to see all of us working together to take on the garbage that has invaded Jozi’s city,” concluded Hlayisi.

The Department and its partners arranged the cleanup using refuse bags that were used by Volunteers who filled up tons and tons of trash.


The clean-up event was made into a platform to raise awareness about the need for a greener city. The MEC Mbali Hlophe from the Department was on hand on the 3rd of July together with Joburg City Parks and Zoo and others who planted trees throughout the city. According to Hlophe the cleanup and tree planting within the city must be routine activities to help save Johannesburg City from the clutches of illegal dumping and promote greater health for the people of the city.

Mr. Mkwana, a director of the Department who is the driving force behind the #BontlekeBotho clean-up campaign was also extremely amazed by the level of participation from the community.

According to Mkwana the group is the Department of action and not only talk, which is why they have this campaign to create a more clean Joburg. ” We’re going to establish millions of new trees across the city and I’m convinced that all of us can accomplish that goal of creating a greener city” Mkwana concluded.

Sandile Hlayisi
Church of Scientology South Africa
+27 61 907 9325

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