Shaquille and Shaunie

Shaq, who calls himself “d—head”, says that his ‘bad’ actions caused Shaunie Henderson to divorce him from Shaunie Henderson

Shaquille O’Neal will be truthful. He was the reason Shaunie Henderson’s marriage to Shaquille O’Neal ended.

People interviewed the basketball Hall of Famer for a cover story. He called himself a “d—head” when he was married to Henderson, who was a part of the TV series “Basketball Wives.”

O’Neal stated, “I was a d—head.” “You never know how valuable something is until it’s gone.”

O’Neal admitted to his past mistakes and told “The Pivot Podcast that she was amazing. She was. It was all mine.”

O’Neal did not go into detail about the reasons his first marriage ended. However, he noted that he was not “protecting those vows.”

He said, “Sometimes when it’s hard to live a double life, you get caught up.” It wasn’t her, but I won’t deny it. It was all me.”

After being married in 2002, O’Neal & Henderson ended their marriage in 2011. In May, she married Keion Henderson, a pastor. O’Neal is not currently married.

They had four children together. Shareef O’Neal, 22 years old, is the oldest of four children and plays for the G League Ignite as an NBA forward at 6’10”.

He isn’t the only one who plays for the family. Amirah O’Neal (21), played for Texas Southern University in the 2021-22 season. Shaqir O’Neal (19) is with Texas Southern’s men’s basketball program. Amirah attended LSU as a basketball player in the 2020-21 season.

Me’Arah O’Neal (16 years old) is the youngest of the four. She plays basketball at Crossroads School, Santa Monica, California.

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