Strong foundations: Lucas Meyer Cosmetics’ latest peptide launch looks to ‘futureproof’ skin

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics latest peptide launch looks to futureproof skin

Corneopeptyl is its latest patented peptide that claims to be biomimetic to LCE6A protein.

“We noticed that this was a critical part of the skin that is responsible for strengthening the corneocyte envelope to reinforce the skin barrier,”​ explained Maybelline Tan, regional marketing manager, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics.

She elaborated that it is a part of the Late Cornified Envelope protein family and is known to be essential for the mechanical resistance of the corneocytes in the stratum corneum.

By mimicking its activity, the active strengthens the corneocyte envelope resulting in a more resilient epidermal barrier in seven days, it claims.

It has demonstrated a reduction in trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and consequently reduces the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and sagging.

The company believes Corneopeptyl is aligned with current trends influencing the anti-ageing category, such as the heightened understand of skin and skin health.

“In terms of skin care trends, more people are aware of what the skin components are. They Are aware that the skin barrier function is very important. When your skin barrier weakens, aggressors can target your skin more – that’s why there’s sensitivity. At the same time, the skin structure also weakens and that’s when you get sagging and wrinkles. It’s all related,”​ said Tan.

She added that the consumers’ approach to skin ageing has changed as well.

“Futureproofing is important for the consumer. They don’t want to target symptoms but build up a strong foundation. In the case of Corneopeptyl, it basically mimics the protein structure to give its effects.”

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