The 71 Most Beautiful Streets in the World

Between beautiful streets, stunning road trips, and mesmerizing train rides, there’s something to be said for taking the scenic route. Not only do these experiences make for an exciting journey, but they remind us that good, beautiful things are all around us—so long as we take the time to find them.

When it comes to streets, it goes without saying that not all are created equal. Take your basic grass-lined passageway and compare it to the colorful Caminito that anchors the La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires: The latter not only provides visitors with a vibrant photo op, but also serves as a reminder of the neighborhood’s 19th-century origins.

Still, streets don’t have to offer a history lesson or be rendered in Technicolor to be charming or worthy of a pre-planned—or last minute—detour. Some are notable for their stunning natural features, such as the cherry blossom tunnel in Bonn, Germany, which blooms for a few short weeks every spring. Others, like the Champs-Élysées in Paris, balance unparalleled architecture with perfectly manicured trees and greenery—ideal for a walk whether or not you plan to visit the multiple retailers and restaurants that line the avenue. With a spectacular world all around us, let this list serve as a reminder to find the most beautiful street in your city or town. Here, AD surveys 71 of the most beautiful streets in the world.

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