This 646-Square-Foot Apartment Is an Homage to the Skies of Madrid

The first inhabitant of this apartment, located in a building completed in 1882, could never even in his wildest dreams have imagined what it would look like in 2023. Cloud-shaped tables, iridescent acrylic panels, and colored cylinders that double as seats are some of the features of its interior design. Inspired by the Madrid sky and its various colors, it manages to be radical and calming at once.

The total usable area of this apartment is around 646 square feet, and it has an open-plan main room where its owners can prepare meals, eat, socialize, and relax.

Alberto Amores

“With its location near the Plaza Mayor, the building sits in one of the most vibrant and bustling areas of the capital, but the feeling inside the apartment is that of a refuge floating above the city. It’s a quiet and bright retreat, but without any clear views of the city outside. Its five skylights frame pieces of the Madrid sky, with its changing colors, clouds, and its dramatic sunrises and sunsets. Those images were the inspiration for this project, beginning with our first visit,” say the architects at Martín Peláez studio.

Works by the painter Candela Picado de Blas introduce color and fun to this ethereal setting.

Alberto Amores

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