UCLA vs. North Carolina Central: 5 things to watch as Dante Moore takes over

How would you speak to someone standing next to you? Kelly and defensive coordinator D’Anton Lynn use their headsets.

Like his boss, Lynn is on the sideline during games, preferring proximity to the wide-angle view from the press box.

“When I was an offensive coordinator, it was always a dilemma,” Kelly said. “I think you see the game better from the box; I think you feel the game better from the field.”

Kelly said being closer to the game also improves communication with players, allowing them to meet face to face with their coordinator before going to talk to their position coach. But Kelly and Lynn might as well be on opposite sides of the stadium.

“I don’t run over and talk to him,” Kelly said. “I’ll just flip over [to his frequency] and listen and if I have something to chime in, which usually I don’t.”

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