Unpacking sustainability: CosmeticsDesign’s key insights from Sustainable Packaging in US

Unpacking sustainability CosmeticsDesign s key insights from Sustainable Packaging in US

On March 7 and 8 this year, CosmeticsDesign attended the Sustainable Packaging in US conference in Chicago, Illinois. The event saw over 300 attendees and featured expert presenters from PepsiCo Global Snacks, Tetra Pak, Alaska Airlines, Landsberg Orora, Casper, Constantia Flexibles, Ocean Conservancy, Minderoo Foundation, US Department of State, Ulta Beauty, and more.

Here is a look at our key takeaways from this year’s convention.

Initiating and encouraging consumer buy-in for sustainable products

Several presentations throughout the convention focused on how packaging manufacturers and suppliers better facilitate consumer adoption of products that feature recycled packaging, including “Sustainable Packaging: Are Consumers Buying It?” from speaker Susan Cornish, Consultant at Moore & Associates, as well as “Advanced Recycling: How the Heck Should We Be Talking About It?” lead by speaker Suzanne Shelton, Senior Partner at ERM Shelton Group. In these discussions, speakers highlighted strategies that CPG manufacturers, suppliers, and brands, including beauty companies, can employ to drive consumers towards more sustainable products.

In her presentation, Cornish noted that “research with US consumers shows that interest in sustainable packaging has grown significantly since 2020 and that a substantial percentage would consider buying paper instead of plastic in specific product categories…yet consumers don’t differentiate between different types of sustainable packaging – they aren’t sure whether made with recycled materials, recyclable, or compostable is better.” Shelton echoed this sentiment in her discussion, which presented research demonstrating that in a survey conducted by ERM Shelton, 30% of US respondents are not confident that the materials they place in recycling bins are actually recycled.

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