Want To Retire With $2 Million In 20 Years? Here's The Exact Salary You Need If You're Investing Just 15%

Want To Retire With $2 Million In 20 Years? Here's The Exact Salary You Need If You're Investing Just 15%

Want To Retire With $2 Million In 20 Years? Here’s The Exact Salary You Need If You’re Investing Just 15%

When planning for retirement, many Americans dream of accumulating a substantial nest egg — like $2 million. Achieving this financial milestone requires strategic planning, realistic goal setting, and a clear understanding of investment returns. So, how much do you need to earn to comfortably reach this milestone?

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The Ideal Salary for a $2 Million Retirement

To retire with $2 million in 20 years, one of the more realistic approaches involves earning a higher salary while maintaining a consistent savings strategy. For instance, with a salary of $165,000 per year, and saving 15% annually, one would save about $24,750 each year. Assuming an annual return rate of 6%, this plan is well within reach of achieving the $2 million goal by retirement. This rate of return is considered achievable and aligns with historical averages for mixed-asset portfolios.

The Reality for Average Earners

However, most Americans earn closer to the national average salary of about $60,000. If someone with this income saves 15% annually, they will set aside $9,000 per year. To accumulate $2 million in 20 years with this annual savings, they would need an investment return rate of approximately 21.44%.

With this income, the rate is highly ambitious and significantly exceeds typical returns from the stock market or mixed-asset investments, which have historically hovered around 6-8%. Such a high return implies very high risks, often associated with speculative investments or ventures.

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What It Means for Average Investors

The substantial difference in required investment returns illustrates the significant challenge faced by average earners striving for a $2 million retirement fund. This highlights the importance of adjusting either retirement expectations & increasing annual earnings, or considering investments with higher potential returns, though these may carry increased risks that might not be suitable for all.

For many, a more feasible approach might involve slightly higher savings rates, longer working years, or adjusting the target retirement fund size. For instance, aiming for a $1 million retirement fund with a $60,000 salary and a 15% savings rate would require a more manageable and realistic return that aligns better with average market conditions.

Planning for Success

A $2 million retirement is a worthy goal, but it requires significant income or aggressive investment strategies. Most people will find success with a combination of:

Consulting a financial advisor can help you craft a personalized plan that considers your income, risk tolerance, and desired retirement lifestyle. Remember, a secure retirement is achievable with careful planning and realistic goals.

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*This information is not financial advice, and personalized guidance from a financial adviser is recommended for making well-informed decisions.

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